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"Organizational guru and style expert! AYLA does it all and makes it beautiful." C.A

"AYLA planned our event as an experience for all the senses. She set the mood from the moment we entered to the moment we left. EVERYTHING was perfectly organized and styled. But the most important thing was how she considered the little things that really changed the way you experienced the event and how you felt when you left. AMAZING, truly amazing, thank you!" R.Y

“AYLA's ClosetDetox gave me focus, clarity and simplified by life. You think its only about your closet or your clothes, but it goes waaaay beyond that!” S.B

“My experience with AYLA's ClosetDetox was extraordinary!  She is incredibly friendly but totally cut-throat when it came to decluttering my closet.  I've needed to do this for years, and years, but always put it off.  AYLA brought great perspective and she coached me through the whole process. I leaned so much, and cleared my space beautifully.”  F.H

"AYLA has exceptional style and warmth. The combination is magnificent. You are working with someone with a great eye and a one-of-a-kind heart. The combination makes for an unforgettable event!" M.B

"AYLA's ReStyle is like the make-over tv shows - but in the comfort of your own home and without the pressure of cameras.  In the very short time she somehow got to know me and really just enhanced who I was. Instead of making me into someone else she made me a better version of me.  Her ability to connect and understand you is really unique. I was very happy that she worked with what I had, and didn't make me buy a whole new closet, instead taught me how to wear and combine what I owned. At the end I felt renewed and unique.”  E.P

“We hired AYLA as a couple who needed to declutter badly, neither of us had the skills, and we didn't want to kill each other in the process. After the three days we felt like we had whole new apartment, new wardrobes, but we spent nothing. The experience with AYLA is fun and teaches you so much, and she is a great mediator! Thank you!!!” -M&L.C

"AYLA clears your space, resets your mind, then styles your home to perfection. We felt like we got an expert declutterer, a couple's therapist, zen master, and top interior designer all in one!" - J&A.M

“AYLA does event magic. She really thinks of everything. She designs, styles, coordinates, and makes it true to you. It was amazing! It was professional yet felt unique to who I am. BIG THANKS!” A.R

“My life is overwhelming.  My house is overwhelming.  I needed to downsize.  AYLA came over and we had a great time doing something that I've had nightmares about.  I was freaking out over the amount of stuff that we'd have to go through - but somehow we did it quickly and calmly.  Ayla had a great approach to it all.  She's obviously done this before.  I'd definitely recommend hiring her.” G.P

"AYLA styled me from inside out, head to toe. She is an all-inclusive wizard. We covered it all, from how I felt, to what colour to paint my nails. She captures your essence and teaches you to shine." V.R

“AYLA is a makeover goddess - her amazing eye and uncannily ability to put stunning outfits together rejuvenated both my career and casual wardrobe. I strongly recommend her styling service! Ayla's charm and passion for style is unparalleled and will no doubt lead to finding hidden gems in your closet!” K.R

“AYLA infuses creativity with practicality and transformed items I had forgotten about into my new go to pieces! I got upgraded and didn't break the bank.” E.M

"I loved working with AYLA. She planned and styled the event and me! The event was organized and beautiful, and everyone had a great time. I felt comfortable and confident, and looked amazing! Thank you!” K.T

“Wisdom + Warmth + Skills + Talent. You are an all-in-one, one stop shop. Is there something you can't do? Thank you AYLA for more than you know.” M.C


“Ayla is a passionate, inspiring and sharp strategic thinker. She helped build a strong team. She emphasizes the need for balance in business. She is multi-talented and fun!” L.T. Client

“You do powerful work, Ayla! Much needed in this world, the clarity you provide is amazing!” R.R. Client

“Her knowledge of partnership building and strategic planning, coupled with her recognition of the importance of both qualitative and quantitative assessment in equal measure have had a lasting impact on how I approach projects and lead. Her work ethic is only outdone by what a joy she is to work with.” A.W. Client

“Ayla played a critical role in driving awareness and involvement in our programs through her leadership initiatives. Ayla’s strong critical thinking and problem solving skills are well-complimented by her positive attitude and energy, tackling challenges with a smile. Ayla is dedicated to cultivating the leadership of team members and thrives in her role as mentor and advisor.” J.C. Client

“I was looking to move past the “stuck” feeling I had at my job, I went into my coaching sessions with Ayla hoping for just a little more clarity. I should’ve been more ambitious with my hopes because being coached by Ayla has been an incredibly enlightening experience. By asking the right questions at the right time, Ayla guided me to my own realizations and helped me set manageable goals for myself. Small actions snowballed until I looked back and realized that I had made big changes. On the road to creating a professional life that I love, Ayla proved to be a natural coach and an indispensable resource.” S.W. Coachee

“I really appreciated my coaching experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I got so much out of being able to reflect on what I wanted for myself, and how I can be active in making this happen. Ayla was a fantastic coach, who made this experience both safe and rewarding!” K.T. Coachee

“Ayla is a natural coach! She’s not pushy at all, but asks the right questions — especially the ones you forget to ask yourself or think you don’t need to ask yourself. She has a good mix of being firm, but also making it clear that the work is up to you, which is just the right amount of pressure to get things done ;).” O.P. Coachee

“Ayla was a very effective coach. One of the things I appreciated about her style was her openness and warmth. She allowed me to speak and articulate my goals without pushing me in any particular direction. I liked that she did not rush me! I also really liked her ability to make connections within each session, as well as across all of our sessions. She had a great ability to see the larger picture, which I really appreciated.” N.U. Coachee

“Ayla is very wise, calm and genuine. There was no BS or any intimidating approaches, which allowed her to connect with the group. She is a great job facilitating, full of knowledge and a keen sense of the group.” A.P. Workshop Participant

“Ayla is very down to earth, real and calming. She did a wonderful job! She is very engaging and great at giving people the opportunity to share their thoughts. You really invite participation. I love that!” K.J. Workshop Participant

Warm, approachable, knowledgeable, confident!” E.M. Workshop Participant